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This is the voice of THE PEOPLE!

This is the voice of THE PEOPLE!

How to participate:


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Participating in YOUR democracy is as

easy as 1-2-3! All you need is an email address to register on ADDI.

Because ADDI is for Atlanta residents only, we verify each user's residency by associating a Driver's License or

State ID to each account.

Use this site to learn more about the issues currently up for debate in City Hall. Each issue will list the pros and cons of choosing a YES or NO vote.

The most important part of democracy is voting. Once you feel informed enough to make a decision on an issue, cast your vote, and let your voice be heard!

Jon Jones, Jonathan W Jones


416,230 votes cast


247,970 votes cast


Should the state of Georgia increase sales tax by 1% in order to fund public transportation projects in the Atlanta Region?



544,644 votes cast


247,970 votes cast

Should the city impose a ban on smoking in city-owned public parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, golf courses, and walking trails?

Should the city allow PARKatlanta to increase parking fines by $10 to make up for revenue shortfalls to the 2012 budget?



528,409 votes cast


264,204 votes cast

Fresh Ideas

Turn payphone booths into wi-fi hotspot kiosks.

Throughout the city, there are a number of payphones that rarely - if ever- get used. Telephone companies built the infrastructure, but to-date, they aren't being used - wasting space and potential. With very little cost, the city could convert the payphone ports into free, unlimited WiFi access points for the public to use 24/7.


-Submitted by Joseph G.



1,573 YES                                   491 NO

2,064 VOTES​

2,001 YES                                1,449 NO

3,450 VOTES​



181 YES                                   973 NO

1,154 VOTES​



942 YES                                   1,017 NO

1,959 VOTES​

2,114 YES                                   738 NO

2,852 VOTES​

24 YES                                        401 NO

425 VOTES​







Vote YES

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Public schools grow their own food.

Atlanta city schools could grow gardens of fruits and vegetables on roofs or vacant lots. They could be cared for by students and led by professional farmers and volunteers. It would provide healthier school meals to the student body, and would teach the next generation about hard work, nutrition, and sustainability.

-Submitted by Adrianne F.

Vote YES

Vote NO

Create an interactive map of every part of the city.

By creating online interactive maps of the city's parks, shopping malls, libraries, etc, we can attract tourist to explore outside of the typical attractions Atlanta has many hidden gems to share with visitors, yet much of the greatness goes undiscovered, thereby leaving all of the money that tourist spend here in concentrated localities. Spending a bit of time and money, we can chart new areas for guest to see. 


-Submitted by Debra W.

Repaint the abandoned buildings in the industrial district with vibrant colors.

The run-down sections of the industrial district are an eyesore to anyone who drives by. I think we should organize a group to paint all of the old abandoned buildings. Dingy white facades and crusted grey scenery can be given a fresh look with vibrant colors, or even murals painted over them. People can volunteer if we get approval from owners, and the City.


-Submitted by Erin K.

Build a Ferris wheel on Ponce de Leon Blvd

In an effort to bring tourist – and tax revenue – to our side of the city, I think we should build a tourist attraction. And what better to attract tourists than a huge Ferris wheel? Something you could see from all over the city; and it would be a family-friendly attraction. Also, it would bring distinction to our neighborhood, much like the Ferris wheels in Santa Monica, Staten Island, and even London.the City.


-Submitted by Reggie A.

Prohibit skateboarding at Inman Park.

Teenagers on skateboards are performing unsafe tricks on park benches, fountains, stair cases, and on steep hills. They are endangering, not only themselves, but the joggers, children, and dogs who frequent the park. I would like to propose that City Hall adopts a resolution that would prohibit the use of skateboards and other non-motorized wheeled devices, like roller skates and scooters, inside the park.


-Submitted by Melissa W.

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Your idea could be here!

In a Direct Democracy, our community is powered by YOUR ideas. Submit an idea for a new law, initiative, or a change to existing legislation, and we'll put it up for discussion in the public square. Residents will weigh in on your proposal, and together we can collaborate on building solutions  for our district.So get started today! ​​​

-Submitted by YOU!

Vote for

Direct Democracy

​November 5, 2013

Join the discussion!

See what your neighbors are all talking about. Browse the forum page, and read about current issues in our district. Submit your own ideas for discussion. And VOTE on ideas you like!

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